Who we are?

Apoyo a Mujeres con Enfermedades del Seno (AMESE) is a Colombian Association founded in February 2006. It is a non-profit and nongovernmental foundation. AMESE promotes breast’s self-care in the general population and supports women diagnosed with breast cancer.

History Claudia Saa Cabal (1956-2009) was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004 at the age of 48. This brave woman left a legacy of love, perseverance and fight with which she acted during her disease. In 2006, with the help of a group of women also diagnosed with breast cancer and with the assistance of mastologists from Clínica del Country in Bogota, José Joaquín Caicedo Mallarino and José Fernando Robledo, decided to found AMESE. Since 2006, and without interruption, AMESE works with national and international organizations, in favor of women diagnosed with breast cancer, and also in campaigns that focus on early detection. By its main program AL PECHO NO LE DES LA ESPALDA (“DO NOT TURN YOUR BACK ON YOUR BREAST”), AMESE has achieved to send its message to many regions of Colombia, and generate the awareness of self-care for early detection, a suitable treatment and finally a greater hope of surviving breast cancer.
Programs AMESE fulfills its mission through its programs: Acompañamiento a Pacientes (Accompanying Patients), focused on the protection and accompany of women diagnosed with breast cancer in all phases of the disease; Conocimiento y Autocuidado de Mama (Knowledge and Breast Self-Care), an educational program that seeks to teach the general population to know their breasts and to conduct a self-exam, and finally the Políticas Públicas (Public Policies) a program that places the public policies and their incidence, in favor of the rights of the patients diagnosed with breast cancer.

In order to achieve its purposes and goals, AMESE actively works together with partners and strategic allies such as the AVON Foundation of Colombia, Clínica del Country of Bogotá, the National Cancer Institute of Colombia, the Colombian League of Fight against Cancer, the Office of Ombudsman, the University of Los Andes, the ICF – International Coach Federation, ULACAM-Unión Latinoamericana contra el Cáncer de la mujer (Latin American Union against Women’s Cancer), OICA – Observatorio Interinstitucional de Cáncer de Adultos (The Inter-Institutional Observatory of Cancer in Adults), IECAS-Instituto para la Evaluación de la Calidad y Atención en Salud (The Institute for the Evaluation of Quality and Attention in Healthcare, and the social movement Pacientes Colombia (Patients Colombia), among other organizations.

AMESE Voluntary Service: Transform your passion in action The mutual emotional support, the accompany during the treatment and the exchange of experiences among diagnosed women and in process of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, was the motivation of AMESE founder to establish a voluntary service based in love, solidarity, the capacity to listen and the permanent proactive service attitude. This philosophy of giving without expecting compensation constitutes the basis of the voluntary service and continues to operate after 10 years, creating opportunity for survivors, patients diagnosed with breast cancer and for the general population that wishes to be part of a proactive voluntary network.

The AMESE voluntary network reaches municipalities, public and private corporations, educational institutions, performs telephone accompany, supports awareness campaigns and has different opportunities to promote the capacity in activities promoting the social mission of AMESE.

Regardless of whether the person is diagnosed with breast cancer or not, has the option to join the voluntary movement of AMESE and share the experience with other people who suffered breast cancer and overcome it with courage and the support of other women. The AMESE voluntary spirit should be of a proactive person with the selfless commitment towards the patients and loyalty to the Association.

Funding In order to implement the programs, AMESE receives permanent support from private enterprises and individuals through charity, fundraising events and sells purified water under its own brand in partner hospitals in Bogota, such as Clínica del Country, Palermo, Marly and Clínica de la Mujer.

“The breast cancer diagnosed in time is treatable. And not just its proper management leads to better results with also keeping the self-image, but a well processed information can turn to a life opportunity.”




Honorary President and Founder of the Association AMESE.
Author of the book “Breast cancer. Life opportunity” (“Cáncer de Mama. Oportunidad de Vida”)