Support for women with

breast diseases


CLAUDIA SAA CABAL (1956 – 2009) was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2004. This brave woman worked hard to leave a love legacy, resilience and straight during her battle against the disease.

Back in 2006, with a group of patients going through the same struggle and under the wings of a medical team (Jose Joaquin Caicedo Mallarino and Jose Fernando Robledo) AMESE was born like a dream of a brighter tomorrow for any breast cancer patient, just as its acronym indicates support to women with breast conditions. AMESE (support for women with breast diseases). Since then we have been working to reach as many patients as we can, with national organizations as international help as well, our main goal is to find the disease as early as possible, and once is detected give all the support to the patients and their families. AMESE has grown to be able to reach every kind of places in Colombia.


Con actitud de servicio, AMESE enseña a la población en general sobre el conocimiento y autocuidado de la mama para un diagnóstico temprano. Brinda apoyo a personas diagnosticadas con cáncer de mama y a sus familias.


In 2022 AMESE will be leading the way in the history of fight against breast cancer in Colombia, thanks to our volunteers, associates and collaborators.


In these 14 años de funcionamientowith the support of companies in solidarity with our cause, we reached more than 5.000 patients, diagnosticadas con cáncer de mama, mediante 50.000 servicios gratuitos (Asesoría Psicológica, Asesoría Jurídica, Grupos de Apoyo, Banco de Pelucas, Seguimiento Telefónica, Visitas en Unidades de Oncología). Nuestras empresas aliadas también nos han apoyado en el Programa de Autocuidado de la mama, a través de nuestra campaña educativa " DO NOT GIVE YOUR BACK TO THE CHEST" we have reached more than 150.000 personas people informed and educated in the self-examination as an early diagnosis method.


  • SERVICE 100%
  • CLOSENESS 100%
  • WARMTH 100%
  • HONESTY 100%


In accordance with our Statutes, they will be members of the Association those whom (Article 10):

1) Being Founding members that signed up the articles of incorporation are life members. 2) Associate Members: patients and family members of these or any other person, whom, without being members per se but, with their training and experience, want to contribute to the growth of the Association according to their schedule. In order To be an Associate Member, it is necessary that they expressly prove and expressed their link, or have been accepted by the Association and that they fully meet the requirements established in the bylaws.


Dr. José Caicedo M.

Mastólogo Presidente Honorario y Fundador

Dr. Fernando P. Perry

Mastólogo Presidente del Consejo Directivo

Victoria Saa Cabal

Administradora de Empresas Fundadora AMESE

Ana María Silva B.

Abogada Fundadora AMESE

Martha Restrepo M.

Bacterióloga Sobreviviente de Cáncer de Mama

Maria Díez Castaño

Ingeniera Eléctrica Sobreviviente de Breast Cancer

Carlos A. Ortiz Santacruz

Medico Cirujano con especialidad en Oncología Clinica

Estefanía H. Lafaurie

Consultora en mercadeo AMESE


Adriana Ovalle

Administrative professional

Rosa C. Godoy

Contadora Pública Contadora AMESE

Adriana Giraldo A.

Revisora fiscal AMESE

Sebastian Sánchez B.

Diseñador gráfico Creativo AMESE

Claudia Cuartas C.

Directora General Abogada Consultora en Finanzas

Sonia P. Gualteros

Subdirectora Psicóloga, Esp., Gestión y Desarrollo de Proyectos

Paula Sanabria P.

Psychologist, Eng., Psycho-oncology - Head of Programs

Lisset C. Rivera

Abogada Asesora jurídica
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