This Program frames public policies and their incidence, to help breast cancer patients to get a proper health care.



To rule out any suspicion of cancer medically.
At the age of 50, you are entitled to a screening mammogram every two years.
To an annual average appointment, where they carry out a screening.
Independent of your age, if you present any sign of alarm or risk factors, you are entitled to a mammogram or ultrasound according to the case.


To receive oncology treatment, these guarantees are covered in Colombia by law (number 1384 of 2010 /Sandra Ceballos law), this treatment must be complete, which means:


  • Be appropriate and timely.
  • Complement with psycho-social support.
  • Include all medications ordered by your treating doctor.
  • Be except for co-payments, because cancer is a high-cost disease.
  • Include palliative care treatments for pain control.
  • In cases of medical emergency, they must be attended to immediately.


  • Once initiated the treatment should not be interrupted for any administrative reason by the health service, public or private.


According to Colombian law there are resources to access such as:
Rights of petition.
Crafts before the companies providing health services.
Complaints before the Superintendence of Health intendant.
Legal actions.


Take care of your own health, exercising self-care activities.
Provide accurate information about your health condition and treatments.
Comply with the ordered treatments and care that your illness requires.
Make rational use of the resources offered by health.
Be informed of health services, institutions that provide services and timely comply with scheduled medical appointments.
Treat staff members of health institutions with kindness and respect.
Respect the privacy, religious beliefs of other patients and their families.


Provide patients with the conditions to achieve an adequate healing.
Educate them in preventive health and hygiene.
Accompany them in a timely manner to periodic checks.
Ensure that patients take medications in the way they have been prescribed.
Ensure that the patient complies with the treatment.
Treat with dignity the staff that takes care of the patient.
Comply with the regulations of institutions that pay attention to the patient.


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Rights and norms of protection

Additionally, learn about everything you need to know about the rights and rules that protect cancer patients. Then you can download the booklet made between AMESE and the Ombudsman's Office, with the Series of Rights of Users in Health and Social Security.

Investigation project

Delays in the attention of breast cancer in women of subsidized regime residents in bogota and soacha, served during 2014 and 2015.

This study takes into account the reasons of the patients within the delay process. It was evidenced that the median of attention time was greater when the patients had personal barriers. It is concluded that focusing the personal barriers from the beginning will considerably shorten the initial attention time.

• The personal delays said mainly by the participants, were:-I did not seem important- I was afraid to consult due to consequences and / or emotional decaythis work allows an approach to the delays in a first approach to those corresponding to the patients, there are emotional components (he was afraid to consult), economic components (lack of money to transport), components of the environment (work, time).

On the delays of the health system, the main reason associated with the care in the diagnosis and treatment is:-Complicated procedures in EPS, IPS, or diagnostic centers, delay in authorizations, delay in taking / delivering results, exams, without specialist agenda-.

The analysis of the evaluated group of the subsidized health regime shows that all the delay figures are greater than those of the contributory group, which means that patients with breast cancer of the subsidized regime have a worse prognosis from the beginning.

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Latin American Union Against Cancer in Women

The goal of the ULACCAM is that women in the region have access to information, prevention, early detection, diagnosis and adequate treatment for breast and cervical cancers mainly.

Currently, ULACCAM has members from 10 countries - Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, The Salvador, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela - who are dedicated to promoting improvements in cancer control policies at the national and regional levels.

Interinstitutional Observatory of Cancer in Adults

Instance of civil society, created to influence the formulation of public policies for the comprehensive control of cancer of Colombian adults.

Pacientes Colombia

For Colombian patients, this organization was born in 2010 as a social movement that brings together 151 organizations in Colombian territory, promotes the right to health, as a fundamental right

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