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Volunteering of the Association is made up of a group of women and men who donate their time, knowledge and talent, and without expecting an economic retribution reflected in a salary, they carry out actions for the development of the mission and vision of the association, as well as for the emotional support of women diagnosed with breast cancer and their relatives, and for education and information to the population in general about the disease.

He is then an ambassador of our actions, because with his solidarity spirit, his service-oriented motivation, and his fundamental principle of sowing seeds of love and hope in the Colombian population are support to achieve our coverage purposes that establish AMESE as a of the most important patient association in the country.


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The purpose of the Code of Ethics is to institutionally strengthen AMESE for the permanence of an associate and voluntary solidarity, autonomous, respectful and participant that projects itself at the national level as an example of the exercise of citizenship building and participatory democracy. In accordance with Law 720 of Colombian Volunteering issued the 24 December , 2001,the volunteer is conceived as an intelligent person, endowed with skills, owner of her own love that makes her subject to rights and duties, with power to share her light internal and infinite potential to transcend itself.



"AMESE has been a wonderful opportunity to share with extraordinary human beings and to give them something of me ... It has been a wonderful journey of service that fills my soul with gratitude and love. I feel blessed by this meeting."


"Being a volunteer allows me to capitalize on having gone through a disease like cancer. It gives my life a special sense where what I do add to the lives of others." 


"I am a Volunteer of Amese, because I was born to serve and support the patients and all the people I can help, I was privileged in my treatment, I received a lot of help and I am well, I was born a Volunteer of Heart."


"For me it means giving my testimony and knowing that I give life through this and most importantly I do it with a lot of love and I have also learned from all the people who give talks and the organization that AMESE has."


"AMESE means for me that family that every human being longs to have alternate to the Conventional. With AMESE I have grown and evolved as a human being, but above all as a woman. I feel better person, I feel more human and happy to be part of this organization with which I have learned the value of serving and that makes me feel immensely grateful. "


"AMESE is the constant invitation to LOVE me, recognizing my essence and from giving and serving many human beings."


"To belong to AMESE is to share what my illness taught me. It is to give what I received. It is learning and knowing the fragility of life. It is satisfaction to give my testimony as life expectancy. I want my volunteering because I feel that with what I do I am grateful to have survived this disease. "


"I am proudly a volunteer of AMESE, I LOVE the work I do when visiting patients in Oncology centers, it is very gratifying to be able to return a smile and a stronger motive to keep fighting, after knowing my testimony as a cancer survivor, (in the patients) every day since I came to the Association I have learned to value myself and value people more for what they have inside rather than what they carry out, Thank you Amese for having welcomed me in the most difficult moment of my life God allow me to continue much longer with you, GOD BLESS US ALWAYS "


Here I go: seven years ago, when I was 32 years old, I had breast cancer and meeting the wonderful women who are part of AMESE was an experience that filled the dark moment that I lived. Their testimonies of struggle and success gave me the necessary strength to overcome that disease. Today, after a process of healing, both physical and mental, I want through AMESE, to become a light in the lives of many women and break the false belief that breast cancer only gives women over 60 years. "


"The initial diagnosis and the two relapses I had afterwards were the opportunity to learn that not only must work in physical health but also in emotional and spiritual healing, was the opportunity to rethink how I was leading my life and make changes. I met AMESE in 2014 and I was very involved in the emotional part, especially through the support groups. From that same year I decided to be part of their volunteering and return a little bit of so much I received. Thanks, AMESE. "


"What I learned? When we are united we are stronger, than when we support others our hearts are filled with gratitude! I learned that being alive and healthy is the greatest love show I can achieve with myself. I decided that my history, my strength and my learning could help me to heal other women. Love taught me to take the greatest of heart's efforts to show that I was not going to die of Cancer! I learned to live. " 


“Many times the universe works in mysterious ways, and puts you in places and situations often unexplainable, sometimes they are pleasant and sometimes not so much. My encounter with a volunteer as significant as that of AMESE, was thus, by a beautiful coincidence, that made me understand that donating my time and sharing the mission of the organization, can help many thousands of women who need it, not for being sick, but because it can be prevented and educated at the same time. It is a great fortune that every time we can be more, raising awareness in the self-care not only of the breasts but of themselves as women and valuable human beings for humanity”


“Being a volunteer in AMESE has awoken me to a new feeling, to divulge that we are not alone and the most valuable thing to teach from prevention and self-care.”


“i have not lived the experience of volunteering until this year I will enter to sign part of this wonderful and enriching experience with great desire to help and give strength to the people that require it, I was diagnosed last year and for me it was a learning, a wonderful opportunity that God gives me where I learned to want to value the small things of life, to love and believe faithfully in God who has been my strength and support in this process, as well as many angels that God put me in way I helped a lot in this process I do not see how because I but one so that I thank God for the process that happens to change many things in my life, much learning thank God”.


“I want to describe what is for me, it is to be a volunteer without being a breast cancer survivor, but for many other reasons I was taken to AMESE. In the shadows of uncertainty. A light appears from the soul. Framed in experiences. Of talking hearts. Women full of magic. That give meaning to their lives. Because through love. it heals many wounds. A new opportunity on the road. I was introduced to AMESE. Give a small part of my own life. It is the best and most beautiful tribute. Because to live is to give the best of yourself”. 


"For me to be a volunteer of AMESE is synonymous with gratitude for life, it means pride to belong to an Association that puts its effort in helping a sector of the population. Being a volunteer means being a witness that Cancer was finally a teacher who taught me to value my existence, to Love with more passion and to smile more frequently. "


"I am a volunteer of AMESE, because I longed to work with women with breast cancer, this has allowed me to develop skills and meet incredible people like survivors, helping others ends up being so rewarding that it ends up helping you to grow as a person, finding yourself , to be the best version of you, and so give others that wonderful thing that you are receiving, it just makes me very happy to be a volunteer and to know them has been one of the best gifts I have been able to receive in life, today I say I will always be Amese I only have gratitude with all of you for the opportunity ... "


"Good morning for all, I want to be a volunteer of Ámese first because I am a survivor and one was very strong news because I have two children of 20 and 21 and a girl of nie and the first thing I thought was in them Thanks to what I have a lot of trust and faith in God”.

"When the doctors explained to me that I had a solution, God made a Clip in me, and I gave myself to him and he gave me so much tranquility that I was reassured to my family and I had a lot of peace. And here I am. Also, I have a gift for Service and I do many things for children who need it because I am a teacher, and I want to support all the women who are going through this process giving them a lot of love and what they need so they know that they are not alone and that we can overcome."


"For me to be a volunteer at heart means to thank the teaching that leaves me brave women in a situation of vulnerability." 

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